Annex Long Term Use Study

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Demolition Date

Demolition of the Annex is underway and should be completed by the end of May.  

What is the Annex Long Term Use Study?Annex photo

The Town of Vienna retained a consultant team led by Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site to conduct a land feasibility and community needs assessment of long-term uses for the Annex property at 301 Center Street S.  The study will provide recommended land uses based on the Town's strategic plan, comprehensive plan, extensive community engagement and available funding.

The Department of Parks & Recreation staff members are managing this project with leadership from the Town Council.  The Town desires to have a strong, collaborative process among community members, Council, staff and the consultant team.


Next Step: Feasibility Study

Since the project's inception, community input has been gathered through questionnaires and public workshops to identify potential uses for the property. A feasibility study will now be conducted to determine the total project and operating costs associated with the most favored options. This study aims to assist the Council in making an informed decision, ensuring that the final choice is both appropriate and financially viable. The feasibility study will examine the following:

  • Determining the optimal use of the site and assessing what fits within its parameters.
  • Identifying the potential best use(s) of the site.
  • Ensuring that the selected uses align with and are compatible with the surrounding neighbors.
  • Investigating the sustainability of the proposed uses to confirm their long-term viability.

Conditional Use Permit

Town staff are exploring alternative temporary uses for the Annex to ensure that the property can provide benefits to the Town and its residents until a final decision is made and implemented. Initially, the Annex will serve as a storage space for equipment and materials related to nearby road, traffic, and sidewalk improvement projects conducted by the Department of Public Works. Additionally, the Town plans to identify further uses and establish a Conditional Use Permit to accommodate parks and recreation or other governmental activities. This permit development process is expected to be completed within the next year.

Announcements & Updates

Stay informed about the Annex by attending or listening to the following Council Meetings:

    • June 3, 2024 – Town Council will review the Conditional Use Permit Applications for the Annex during the regular Town Council meeting.
    • June 10, 2024 – Annex Long Term Use Study discussion at the Vienna Police Station at 7 p.m.
    • July 8, 2024 – Annex Long Term Use Study Final Report at the Vienna Police Station at 7 p.m.

 Background of the Annex and the Annex Study

In September 2020, the Town of Vienna purchased Faith Baptist Church, located at 301 Center Street S.  Since purchasing the three-acre property, the Town refers to it as the Annex.  From 2020 to 2022, the Vienna Police Department occupied the Annex while the new police station was constructed at 215 Center St. S. 

In 2023, The Town retained a consultant team led by Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site to conduct a land feasibility and community needs assessment of long-term uses for the property. Community input was collected which informed the top three uses the Town is considering: Fitness, Aquatics, and Outdoor Gathering Space. 

The existing building was determined to be unsuitable for community use and demolished in Spring 2024. The Town intends to create temporary uses that benefit the Community and Town operations for the next decade until funding is available to build a new space for Community use. 

For more information, contact Leslie Herman, Director of Parks and Recreation at 703-255-6356.