Vendors/Accounts Payable

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Form W-9 required

Please submit a signed Form W-9 by email to accounts payable if you are a new vendor. The IRS recommends that, when submitting an invoice for more than $600, all vendors submit a W-9, whether they are individuals or independent contractors, an estate or part of a domestic trust, partnership companies, corporations, a limited liability company, or associations or organizations created in or under the laws of the United States.

EFT preferred

The Town prefers to pay vendors by electronic funds transfer (EFT), or direct deposit. This is a direct method of payment or transfer of funds. Using EFT for payments ensures that money is secure and payment received more quickly than by paper checks, which are dependent on the postal system. To sign up for EFT, fill out this form.

Invoice payment inquiry

For inquiries about invoice payments or any other vendor questions, email accounts payable.