Zoning Applications, Permits & Plan Reviews

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The Department of Planning and Zoning accepts permit applications for the Town review process and, in coordination with the departments of Public Works and Parks and Recreation, reviews site plans and Fairfax County building permit applications for compliance with the Town of Vienna Zoning Code (Chapter 18) and other applicable Town regulations.

Town Council adopted an update to the zoning and subdivision code effective Jan. 1, 2024.  The new Chapter 18 will replace the existing Chapters 17 and 18.  You may preview this code by clicking here and the updated zoning map here.

Applicants who would like their documents to be reviewed under the updated code should wait until Jan. 1, 2024 to apply.   If you have an application submitted prior to Jan. 1, 2024, that is still under review on or after that date, you may request to withdraw and resubmit your application at no extra review cost.  

Building permit process

    STEP 1:  The applicant reviews all applicable Fairfax County, Town of Vienna, and state requirements for proposed scope of work.  To find your zoning district, please use the Interactive Zoning Map, and review the Town of Vienna Zoning Code (Chapter 18).

    STEP 2:  If required, the applicant applies for a permit through Fairfax County.  When a Fairfax County permit is required, all submission materials are to be submitted to Fairfax County prior to submitting them to the Town of Vienna. 

    STEP 3:  Applicant then applies through the Town of Vienna via GeoCivix.  Applicants must provide the Fairfax County permit application number as well as all supporting materials required for review.

    STEP 4:  When the Town of Vienna review is complete, the Town will issue an approval letter and stamped plans.  The approval letter and stamped plans may be accessed via the   GeoCivix application under an Approved Documents folder.

    STEP 5:  Once a letter is issued and plans are stamped, the applicant will return to Fairfax County’s permitting system and request to Upload an ePlan.

    STEP 6:  The applicant will submit the approval letter and stamped plans from the Town of Vienna into the Site related documents folder of ProjectDox.

    Town of Vienna review requirements

    Town of Vienna fees 

    Once an application has been submitted, you will receive an application number to reference when paying related fees online at the Town's online payment portal or paid directly at Town Hall with cash or check.

    Town staff will assign the fees, but applicants can review the planning and zoning fee schedule online.  Department of public works and tree-related fees may also apply. 

    Note:  All bonds must be paid at the finance department window at Town Hall.

    Fairfax County review

    Fairfax County serves as the building official for the Town of Vienna and reviews structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire, and health-related requirements before issuing permits.  Questions related to the county's submission process, building code, or health or fire requirements should be directed to the applicable Fairfax County agency. 

    Please visit Fairfax County's website for instructions on how to submit building permits electronically.


    Inspections for permits or site improvements may be required by Fairfax County or the Town of Vienna.  All Town of Vienna inspections are managed within GeoCivix.  Questions about inspections related to structural, plumbing, fire, etc. must be directed to Fairfax County.