Fast Facts

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The Town of Vienna is a vibrant community and charming hometown in the midst of the bustling metropolitan Washington area, located 15 miles from the nation’s capital.  Our community is welcoming, independent, and nurturing.  We value our history and traditions as well as our stories – and there are lots of them!  But numbers can tell a story about communities too.  Here is information about Vienna, Virginia, by the numbers.

The Town of Vienna is located in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia.  Its total area is 4.4 square miles.

Town of Vienna Population 16,276
Median Household Income $215,556
Poverty Rate 4.9%
Employment Rate 66.8%
Median Age 41.2
Fairfax County Population 1,172,600
DC Metro Area Population 6.37 million+

Vienna population by race

White 70.3%
Black 5.1%
Asian 13.3%
Hispanic or Latino 8.4%
Other Races 2.9%
Two or More Races 8.9%

Educational attainment

High School or Equivalent Degree or Higher 96.9%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 74.1%
Graduate or Professional Degree 37.0%

Households and businesses

Total Households 5,706
Average Household Size 2.84
Single-Family Units 5,682
Median Home Market Value (2022) $912,500
Industrial & Commercial Gross Floor Area 4,438,949
Acres of parks & parkland 156.62
Number of parks 12
Miles of roadway 65
Miles of sidewalks 73
Number of businesses (including home-based) 1,373

*Data provided by Town of Vienna, U.S. Census Bureau 2022, and Fairfax County Demographic Reports 2022.