Thermal Cameras

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Energy conservation is one of the most simple and cost-effective methods for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Using a thermal camera, you can identify hot and cold spots in your house which are caused by air leaks or poor insulation.  Although these inefficiencies cannot be detected by the naked eye, they can really add up.  In the average home, leaks and gaps add up to the equivalent of a basketball-sized opening in your wall!  The good news is that these leaks are some of the easiest home fixes to make, and these repairs have a direct financial benefit related to energy costs.  To help Vienna residents achieve energy conservation, the Town has made thermal cameras available.

Thermal cameras are available on loan for Town of Vienna residents to evaluate how well their homes are insulated.  These cameras attach to smartphones and take thermal photos of walls and around doors and windows.  Two Android and two iPhone-compatible cameras are available for checkout.  To borrow a thermal camera, call the Vienna Community Center at 703-255-6360.

Instructions are included with the thermal camera.  For more energy and cost-saving tips, see Thermal Camera Loan Program | Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination (