Robinson Trust Sidewalk Initiative

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About the Maud Robinson Sidewalk Project

In February 2020, former Councilmember Maud Robinson provided the Town of Vienna with a generous gift of $7 million from her estate for the specific purpose of building sidewalks over a five-year period throughout the Town.

This generous fund is the origin for the Maud Robinson Sidewalk project—a project where the Town of Vienna is working with the Maud Ferris Robinson Charitable Trust to identify streets in the Town to install sidewalks.  One of the key requirements from the estate is to identify sidewalks where curb and gutter already exist.

The Town of Vienna currently has roughly 85 miles of sidewalk.  The Robinson bequest is expected to provide up to 3.3 miles in additional sidewalks throughout Town.

Importance of Sidewalks

Sidewalks are an important amenity for residents and for the community at large.  Sidewalks promote good health and pedestrian safety, connect individuals and destinations in the community, support Town businesses and sustainability goals.  Sidewalks will also continue to enhance the value of our community for years to come.

Project Updates: Staying Informed and Connected

The process of identifying streets for sidewalk installation has begun and we want to hear directly from citizens in our community.  The Town Council is currently considering recommendations and looking to make final decisions about locations for sidewalk installation.  Residents who live on selected and recommended streets will be given many opportunities to provide feedback.  Below are ways for you to get involved, learn more about the project, and share your comments, concerns, and questions about the project:

From the May 10, 2021 Town Council Conference Session Meeting Minutes:

Plan Moving Forward with the Maud Robinson Trust for Sidewalks

Mayor Colbert called on Mike Gallagher, Director, Public Works to present the first
item for discussion.  Outreach has been initiated on all of the original list of 24
projects.  Four are in final design, nine projects have been authorized for design with
the condition to obtain specific approval of the project before pursuing final design,
four are not recommended by DPW, one was not authorized for design (Melody Ln SE
from Lullaby to the end of the street) and six projects require more outreach.

DPW is in the process of compiling a larger comprehensive list, including street
segments submitted to DPW for consideration, to determine all street projects that
are eligible for, and meet the Robinson funding criteria.  So far, six streets have been
added by request: Church Street NE, Ware Street SW, Glen Ave SW, Cottage Street SW,
Frederick Street SW, and Adahi Road SE. DPW will use this comprehensive list to
determine which streets can be added.

Four projects that will be constructed by the end of calendar year 2021: Cabin Road
SE, Plum Street SW, Holmes Drive NE, and Pleasant Street SW. Pleasant Street SW was
not a project on an initial list; it was shelved, shovel ready, in 2015 due to depletion
of the Walk to Downtown federal funding. Staff specifically requested and received,
approval from the Trust, to construct this project.

The 2022 projects have been divided into four groups with varying start dates.  A
nine-month design phase prefaces the actual construction phase.  It was pointed out
that Group 1 will need to be authorized by Council in early June of this year.

Responses to Key Council comments/concerns are summarized as follows:

• Transparency is critical; all attachments to this presentation should be posted
   to the website;
• Need to pick up pace of work; funding ends fall 2024; post to website;
• Street scoring data, categorization and notes will be made public;
• Every street throughout Vienna physically assessed (275 streets) against
   original criteria; added 13 new projects (six Cul-de-sacs); Cul-de-sacs are lower
   priority, will be considered at a later date;
• Street selection largely based upon amount of traffic and overall safety, as well
   as connectivity (missing link projects -14 identified);
• Five of original 29 projects identified potentially qualify for CARES funding in
   conjunction with Robinson funds;
• Determination of side of street will be achieved within the nine-month design
   phase; deliberate process in order to satisfy concerns of residents;
• Side of street consideration will include impact on trees; grading on private
   property; resident responses; constructability; connectivity; cost; etc.
• Trust does not address side of street issue, consider approaching Trustee
   regarding side walk on both sides of busiest streets;
• Residents of identified streets will be notified of status and invited to submit

Public Hearing on Maud Robinson Sidewalk Project

On Monday, April 26, Town Council held a public hearing to solicit feedback from residents about the project.  The public hearing was recorded and may be viewed online.

Email Town Staff and Council

Have questions or comments about the project?  Send them via email to

 Learn More About the Sidewalk Project Locations