Town Project Updates

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busy streetNew infrastructure and facilities, improvements, and technological upgrades as well as updated plans, regulations, and services are vital to ensuring that the Town of Vienna continues to operate efficiently and thrive as a community that is safe, accessible, and welcoming to residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

Significant Town of Vienna initiatives currently underway are listed below.

Market Analysis and Economic Development Study

This effort will provide critical market and competitive data to Town staff and policymakers; shape strategies to attract, retain, and grow the Town’s commercial business center; and offer recommendations as to how the Town can best support its businesses. Learn more about Economic Development Strategy and Market Study.

Maple & Nutley signal improvements

To improve traffic flow in real time on Maple Avenue and Nutley Street, the Town of Vienna is implementing a three-phase project to upgrade traffic signals and install traffic management software. Learn more about Maple & Nutley Signal Improvements.

Multimodal Transportation & Land Use Study

Now that this study has been completed, the Town is poised to take on some of the recommended projects that have been identified by the community as high priorities. Learn more about the Multimodal Study.

Robinson Trust sidewalk initiative

Former Councilmember Maud Robinson left the bulk of her estate to the Town of Vienna to build sidewalks in areas where they haven’t been planned or are likely to be built through grants or new construction. This initiative, which must be completed by fall 2024, will significantly enhance walkability and connectivity throughout Town. Learn more about Robinson Trust Sidewalk Initiative.

Police station construction

The Town of Vienna is constructing a new police department facility at 215 Center Street S. After almost a decade of assessment and planning, the facility is now under construction. Learn more about Police Station Construction.

Zoning Code update

Working with consultants as well as actively engaging businesses and the community, the Town is clarifying, simplifying, reorganizing, and updating its zoning and subdivision ordinances. Learn more about Zoning Code Update.

Additional active Town projects

In addition to the major projects noted above, the department of public works manages several repair and improvement projects each year. Review the status of current public works projects.