Adjustment Policies

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Leak adjustment policy

An uncharacteristically high water bill may be a sign that you have a leak. Property owners are responsible for repair of leaks that occur between the water meter and their property. The most common types of leaks are due to faulty toilets (inside the property) or breaks in the water line that runs between the water meter and property (outside the property).

The Town of Vienna may grant adjustments for inside and outside leaks for two consecutive billing quarters, during the quarter in which the leak is discovered and the following quarter in which the leak is fixed.


  • Customers who suspect they have a leak should immediately contact the Town’s water and sewer customer service department at 703-255-6385 or via email at
  • Alternately, the meter reading department will leave a notice of a suspected leak when the meter is read. The customer then needs to contact customer service for further information.
  • Customer service will arrange for staff to visit the property to confirm a leak.
  • If a leak is confirmed, the customer needs to repair the leak as soon as possible.
  • To receive a leak adjustment on their bill, customers must send customer service a copy of a paid repair receipt. Customer service will then calculate a leak adjustment.

Leak adjustment calculation

  • For leaks inside the building: Credit for 50% of water usage over average consumption. No adjustment for sewer services as all inside leaks go through the sewer system.
  • Outside leaks
    • Vienna sewer customers: Credit for 50% of water and sewer usage over average consumption.
    • Fairfax sewer customer: Credit for 50% of water usage over average consumption. No adjustment for sewer as billed sewer usage is capped at the customer’s winter quarter average.

No adjustments are granted for:

  • usage above average quarterly consumption due to seasonal watering, gardening, or washing of vehicles
  • customer tampering with the meter.

To apply for a leak adjustment, please send an email to providing the information below:

  • name
  • service address
  • proof of repair
  • brief description of timing and repair of the leak

Pool adjustment policy

Pool owners in the Town of Vienna may be eligible for a single annual pool-fill adjustment to their water bill in the quarter in which they fill their pool. To be considered for a pool adjustment, complete the Pool Fill Adjustment Form or email or call 703-255-6385 two business days before you plan to fill your pool. A technician will read your meter before and after you fill the pool. Customers may also submit an adjustment request after they fill their pool, providing the water department with the date the pool was filled and amount of water used; please note that estimates without an actual meter reading by a Town technician are subject to staff review.