Animal Control

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Vienna’s animal control officer enforces all state and local laws and ordinances pertaining to animals and their owners and handles any wildlife issues that may occur within the Town.


Town of Vienna animal control services include:

  • investigating animal cruelty complaints
  • addressing issues related to wildlife
  • enforcing quarantine protocols for animals that have bitten humans
  • removing stray dogs and other animals from streets and public areas, eliminating potential health and safety hazards
  • enforcing Town of Vienna and state laws.

Highlighted ordinances

To ensure every one's safety and well-being, a few pet-related rules and regulations must be followed. Chapter 3 of the Town’s Code includes definitions as well as violations and remedies that apply to pet owners.

Pooper scooper ordinance

The Town of Vienna has a pooper scooper ordinance that requires dog owners to clean up after their pets when out for a walk. Please be a responsible pet owner and don’t leave your dog’s waste on lawns, next to curbs, mailboxes, fire hydrants, or anywhere else. Use a bag to take the waste with you. Your neighbors also ask that you not deposit waste in their trash cans or with their bagged lawn debris or special pickups. Picking up your dog’s waste not only keeps you in your neighbors’ good graces, it also helps protect the quality of nearby streams and rivers.

If you violate the pooper scooper ordinance in the Town of Vienna, you could receive a warning for the first offense and a Class 4 misdemeanor citation for the second and subsequent offenses, which could result in a fine not to exceed $250.

Noisy dogs

It is unlawful to keep a noisy dog within Town limits. A noisy dog is defined as one that has loud, frequent, and habitual barking, howling, crying, or other noises that annoy or disturb the peace of the neighborhood. So, if your dog starts barking, think of your neighbors and quiet your dog.

If you are found to have a noisy dog, you may be summoned to appear before a judge, who can order removal of the dog from Town.

Injured or deceased wildlife

To report injured or deceased wildlife, call the Vienna Police Department at 703-255-6366.